Finding Flow with The Three Principles

We have all experienced the ease and effectiveness of a flow state. It can seem elusive and occasional. The purpose of this one-day retreat is to demonstrate how flow emerges and how it is actually our default state. By gaining a deeper understanding of how we create our experience of life moment to moment we can find a deeper sense of peace of mind.

Understanding the relationship between our personal intelligence and deeper wisdom we can access greater clarity of mind, letting go of our misconceptions of how life works and finding flow.

If you would like:
• To experience more flow in any area of your life
• To connect with your creativity
• To experience more resilience and wellbeing, no matter what
• To have a greater sense of your deeper self
• Increased peace of mind

This event might be exactly what you are looking for.

Lesley McDonald is an NLP Master Trainer and Coach has also trained in the 3 Principles.
Christian McNeill has been a lawyer, an NLP Practitioner and was one of the first 3 Principles facilitators in Scotland.



Edinburgh: Programmes are held at Addiston Mains, a beautiful venue on the edge of the city. Accomodation is available that is both convenient for the venue and with easy access to the city.

  • Introduction to NLP: £250 + vat
  • NLP Practitioner Programme: £2,000 + vat
  • Master Practitioner Programme: £2,500 + vat
  • NLP Intensive Programme: £2,500 + vat
  • Three Principles (pilot programme) £65 + vat

Fees include a light lunch and teas & coffee throughout the day.


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