I am a coach and trainer with a background in NLP, Clean Language, Symbolic Modelling,
3 Principles and more. Yet in the end, none of this matters!

These are simply tools, techniques, models, ways of thinking that support change. What matters is you learn what you need to learn so you can live your life to the fullest, know how to make the changes you want for yourself and maybe help others to do the same.

Clients include corporates such as the NHS, Standard life, Scottish Widows, Johnson & Johnson and many others, as well as small business owners, entrepreneurs, performing artists, and private clients from just about every walk of life.

“I had always been cynical about NLP but after attending the course I saw the benefits and left feeling much more open-minded about it. I learned about the power of our thinking, the language we use, and truly understanding the benefit of taking in different perspectives.” KM

“It was a joy and an inspiration to learn with you. Your input changed lives in front of my eyes. Bless you – stay exceptional!” JJ

“I am writing, recording and touring again, and I’m enjoying the process.” KC

“Words cannot describe how grateful I am that you came into my life and how you have helped me. You have changed my life. Thank you for all your help, I only hope that more people are lucky enough to come into your life and experience your amazing talent.” KT