What is NLP?


Thriving is not dependant on directly controlling the world that lies beyond you, rather it is your thinking and behaviour, that create the results you want. When thinking and behaviour aligns it can be astonishing how the world beyond you shifts, transforms.

NLP has been described as ‘The study of what works!”, “The study of the structure of subjective experience!” and even as “An attitude of curiosity and exploration”, and while these descriptions do touch on what NLP is, they’re not easy for a beginner!

One reason NLP is hard define it that it is not so much a ‘thing’ as it is a process. And like, for example, the process of learning to ride a bike, NLP is most easily learned and understood through experience.

The question really is, does it make a positive difference? Many people around the world say it does, that in fact it is positively life-changing, and I would agree! However, I guess I would say that! So rather than take my word for it, you may want to check out what clients say on some of the other pages on this website.

In the end NLP is about is studying what works, so you can make changes that help you to create more of what you want, so really it’s about being able to create a life you love.

And it turns out that creating a life you love is less dependant on controlling the world that lies beyond you, and much more about  loving the world within yourself, because when your inner world aligns, it can be quite astonishing how the world beyond you can shift, transforms and even begin to align with you.

Inspirational leaders are great examples of this. Nelson Mandela’s years in prison did not diminish his passion for a better society, in fact, it was during his years of incarceration that he found a peaceful path that lead to the transformation of his country.

Martin Luther King had a dream and Gandhi too and the changes that flowed from these inner transformations changed the world.

And yet these leaders, hugely inspirational and world renowned as they are, are only the tip of the iceberg. There are many, many leaders creating transformation today, in ways that may seem quite modest individually but together are no less transformational. Some of these leaders are well known, others only known within their own communities, and yet others are almost unseen, and still their influence is felt and enjoyed by those around them.

And right now, the world needs leaders. To be able to lead and transform the world around you, you must first be willing to transform yourself. Whether you are a coach, trainer, manager, entrepreneur, performer, or an individual with a passion for a better world or just a better life; learning how to transform your own world is key to transforming the world around you. If you are ready to create a life you love, willing to transform your yourself then get ready to change the world.

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