What is NLP?

Welcome to my website and to discovering more about NLP. One of the first questions I’m often asked about NLP is, ‘What is it?!’

There are many different ways of describing what NLP is – at it’s simplest it is a state of curiosity and a willingness to experiment to find out what works in creating results. It has been described as a way of modelling excellence, in ourselves and others, and is also known as the study of the structure of subjective experience!

NLP is a way of discovering how we and others create the results we do, and how to create more of what we really want and less of what we don’t.


NLP encourages an attitude of curiosity and an exploration of the essence of excellence, discovering the differences that make the difference – for ourselves and in others.

NLP is now widely recognised in business, the arts, the media, medicine, therapy and psychology – and because it’s a way of  exploring thinking and behaviour, it can be just as useful to us personally as in our professional and business lives.

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