Training & Events (Edinburgh – 2018)

Ready to explore what works with NLP?

Whether you are just starting out with NLP or your are looking to deepen your skills and knowledge our range of courses are designed to support you where you are right now. 

Introducing NLP (2-day programmes)
Winter: 10th – 11th March
Spring: 7th – 8th April
Summer: 9th – 10th June
Autumn: 8th – 9th September
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NLP Practitioner Programmes (8-day programmes)
Spring Programme
7th – 8th April
28th – 29th April
26th – 27th May
23rd – 24th June
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Autumn Programme
8th – 9th September
13th – 14th October
10th – 11th November
8th – 9th December
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NLP Master Practitioner (Lesley McDonald & Sue Knight)
29th October – 3rd November
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NLP Intensive (Lesley McDonald & Sue Knight)
29th October – 3rd November 
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Introducing Clean Language
16th – 17th April
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