Training & Events

Ready to reap the rewards of discovering NLP?

Whether you are just starting out with NLP or your are looking to deepen your skills and knowledge our range of courses are designed to support you where you are right now.

Programmes with Sue Knight

NLP Master Practitioner (Sue Knight)
18 – 25 September 2017 (Edinburgh)details/booking

NLP Trainer Training (Sue Knight)
18 – 25 September 2017 (Edinburgh)details/booking

NLP Intensive (Sue Knight)
18 – 25 September 2017 (Edinburgh)details/booking

Programmes with Lesley McDonald

Introduction to NLP (Lesley McDonald)
9 – 10 November 2017 (Edinburgh)details/booking

NLP Practitioner Programmes (Lesley McDonald)
9 – 12 November & 7 – 10 December 2017 (Edinburgh) – details/booking

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