Introducing Clean Language & Metaphor

Clean Language was originally developed by David Grove as a way to explore the metaphors that represent inner worlds, and to do so in ways that are immensely gentle, graceful, and highly respectful of your clients’ and colleagues’ worlds and experience.

During this programme you will discover the profound significance of metaphor not only as a means of representing your experience but as a door to transformational change. Metaphors form the cornerstone of our experience, in fact it is possible to contend that they are our experience. Understanding your own and others’ metaphorical landscape opens ways to communicate at a deep level and to facilitate change elegantly and naturally for yourself and for others.

In business Clean Language offers a way of understanding others’ view of the world and fulfils on the concept of understand first and then be understood. It also provides a creative means of exploring goals, obstacle to achieving those goals and creating strategies to go on to create the results you seek.

The time fo change is now and this programme is fun as well as positively life changing for those who apply what they learn in their lives.


Edinburgh: Programmes are held at Addiston Mains, a beautiful venue on the edge of the city. Accomodation is available that is both convenient for the venue and with easy access to the city.

  • Introduction to NLP: £250 + vat
  • Clean Language & Metaphor: £425 + vat
  • NLP Practitioner Programme: £2,000 + vat
  • Master Practitioner Programme: £2,500 + vat
  • NLP Intensive Programme: £2,500 + vat

Fees include a light lunch and teas & coffee throughout the day.


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