Training & Coaching Testimonials

“An outstanding course – the best I have experienced in more than 35 years of adult life! Lots of learning, lots of laughter, some tears but altogether a real “Experience of Excellence”
CT, Business Consultant

“A life changing, mind expanding fantastic journey of discover.”
PA, Retail Manager

“Life changing – exceeded all my expectations!”
AM, Hospitality Industry

“Powerful learning about awareness of one’s self and in relation to others.  I now appreciate more fully the impact I can have on other people around me on a personal and professional level.  Presentation and delivery with knowledge made the experience highly fascinating.  Wonderful flow to the day.”
AW, Edinburgh

“I recommend to others. I learned about the impact of my own and other people’s behaviour and how I can influence more effectively and get on better with people.  It was a fun and inspiring!”
JF, Edinburgh

“I had always been cynical about NLP but after attending the course I saw the benefits and left feeling much more open-minded about it. I learned about the power of our thinking, the language we use, and truly understanding the benefit of taking in different perspectives.”
KM, HR Director

“I wanted help improving my golf, especially when the pressure began to build during a round. I was surprised by how effective the coaching was and how much and how quickly it improved my performance. I have a new feeling of relaxed confidence when pressure begins to build. Incredible!”
RG, Golfer