Executive Outcomes:

“It was a fantastic session!”
“‘It was a great opportunity to meet and learn about others, as well as a thing or two about myself!”
“Lesley’s presentation was super and I’ll certainly put a thing or two from it into use”
“Thanks for a great event, definitely something to think about in goal setting.  Lesley was really good”.
“Great start to the morning, great session!”

NLP Practitioner Programme

An outstanding course – the best I have experienced in more than 35 years of adult life! Lots of learning, lots of laughter, some tears but altogether a real “Experience of Excellence”
Chris Trigg, Business Consultant

A life changing, mind expanding fantastic journey of discover. 
Paul Aggett, Manager

Lesley is a dedicated, perceptive, creative trainer and coach. She has an insight in modelling excellence in others that is rare and hugely valuable in enabling others to reach their true potential. And she has the very highly valued talent of being able to generate laughter and to laugh at herself. Her commitment to her clients is total.
I recommend her highly.
Sue Knight, International trainer, writer and author of NLP at Work

The NLP Practitioner course really helped in numerous ways, not only my journey to healthier living, but in every aspect of work and daily living and how to be positive and proactive in face of adversities that we are inevitably to face.
Transforming Leadership with NLP is a concise yet powerful and clean message, that will help any executive to move forward and inspire his team. 
Dr Essam Alzimaiti, Deputy Executive Director,
 National Guard Health Affairs, Saudi Arabia

NLP Practitioner programme.  “Life changing” – made the learning really easy! Delivered in a very professional way.  Genuinely excited about individual learning and achieving goals.  Inspirational! Fun learning – all my aims / targets were exceeded!
Transforming Leadership with NLP. Very worthwhile!  I will plan in advance more before giving feedback – have clearer objectives and outcomes.
Alisdair Mackay, Operations Manager, Royal Terrace Hotel, Edinburgh

Great experience, real positive course.   Lots of practical examples used. Good detailed information. I felt the course was pitched at the correct level and will use anchoring, focusing on outcomes and all the beliefs of excellence.
B Miller, Training Consultant, Forth Valley College

Absolutely excellent course. I feel far more relaxed, and more capable to deal with all issues I currently face. Very positive course. I really took a lot from ‘Clean Language’ and I will definitely use this in my role as a trainer.
R Cowie, Associate Trainer, Forth Valley College

A depth and breadth of knowledge to teach, share and inspire your delegates.  I am lucky to have been on this course.  NLP as a model of excellence in business with self-knowledge at its heart.
Bob, Coach & Trainer, Edinburgh

Introduction to NLP:

This was an excellent day.  Lots of really practical materials with good explanations. A wonderful facilitator – business-like and passionate about NLP and our learning.  
Executive Coach
, Edinburgh

Powerful learning about awareness of one’s self and in relation to others.  I now appreciate more fully the impact I can have on other people around me on a personal and professional level.  Presentation and delivery with knowledge made the experience highly fascinating.  Wonderful flow to the day.  
Mr Walker, Edinburgh

I am very interested in other people and how myself and they present themselves to the world. I will be looking out for opportunities to try out the various things I have learned.  A very interesting and enjoyable day. Thank you so much.
R Mackay, Edinburgh

It was a very interesting course that I would really recommend to others. I learned a lot about the impact of my own and other people’s behaviour and how I can influence it to build rapport and use it in your daily routine to get on better with people.  A great trainer, it was a fun and inspiring doing the course with her.  
J Friedrich, Edinburgh

I had always been cynical about NLP but after attending the introductory course I can certainly see the benefits and left feeling much more open-minded about it. I learned about the power of our thinking and the language we use and understanding different perspectives. It will certainly make me think twice in the future! 
K McLennan, HR Director, Edinburgh

Performance Coaching:
I saw Lesley to help me improve my performance playing golf through controlling my emotions and remaining calm when the pressure began to build during a round. I was very pleasantly surprised by how effective it was and how quickly it improved my performance under pressure.  My ability to perform under pressure has greatly improved.  I have a new feeling of relaxed confidence when pressure begins to build, rather than a feeling of having to fight to avoid the pressure impacting my performance.  I intend to spend more time working with Lesley before the beginning of next season as I believe this is an area that can further improve my game.  
Richard Gill, Edinburgh